April 14, 2022

UMDCTF 2022 Justina 2


So, if you have managed to solve Justina 1, you shouldn’t struggle with Justina 2 at all. All we have to find out is, in which city Justina has been. As I have mentioned in Justina 1 in her private Facebook group, she posted a lot of places she has been to which means we have to play Geoguesser again, yay! There are probably multiple ways to find it out, however, I just reverse image searched the following pictures:


To find the country I inspected the image above, which shows the Qantas airport which is in Australia – Boom, got it. So, the country is Australia – what about the city?


In order to find the name of the city I reverse image searched the following picture:

She said in the post, it’s the "second largest" river in her city. Naturally, I came across this news article.

In this article they say which river this is and where it is located. Apparently, it’s the Murray-darling river in Wagga Wagga (yes, that’s the city’s name). The flag is the name of the city + the country – we know both of these things now.